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Bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan

Your house is worth more. Duh! This is always the first thing anyone will tell you, especially your agent! And while that may be true, it may also be...

Your house is ugly. Sorry... but homes are not people, and appearance matters. I don't care how much personality or sense of humor it has—if your home is bright pink with wood paneling and tortoiseshell mirrors, I'm not calling again!

Your home is viewable bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan by "appointment only" because you have sensitive pets... and 12 children... and visiting relatives. Hey, home to sell or not?! No one is going to buy it if they can't go inside to see it. Make it easy for people to get there.

 Your bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan smells like. Again, sorry, but if your home smells of dust, mildew, or a recently deceased person, and the walls are the color of Austin Powers teeth, it's time to make some changes. Try some new paint and re-carpeting. You'd be surprised what a difference it makes in a minimal expense. It doesn't even need to be good carpet—the buyer would probably just tear it down and refinish the hardwood floor someone decided to cover for god's sake in the early 60s—what a reason. The point is, it won't smell like FDR's inaugural bathrobe anymore.

 Your bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan smells like cats. Litter boxes are like screaming babies: If you have, it doesn't take you long to find out they're not there. However, other people do not have that luxury. Others can still hear and smell... Imagine you're at a restaurant and I'm at the table next to you. Although you are clearly oblivious to this, I can hear your children screaming and crying, no matter how good you are at hiding inside the bubble of your parent's separation. The same goes for that cat-toilet foul smell that you keep in your bedroom. Look, I'm not going to judge you for repeatedly relishing an animal five feet from where you sleep. To everyone else, as they say... But come on, it stinks... and I don't want a house that smells like that, and neither do my customers. End of story

You have a collection of life-sized circus animals all over your bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan yard. I've actually seen it... Hey, I get it... Grandchildren love the zoo and you thought it would be lovely to create a pleasant place for them to hang out. Well, everything changed when you decided to put your bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan home on the market. It's not about grandchildren anymore. Now your home is reduced to a punchline for cheeky blog writers, and the first reaction from visitors is laughter and laughter. Probably not the response you want in an open house. lose them!

 You have a lot of skill and personal items covering your shelves and walls. If your bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan home resembles an indoor flea-market, potential buyers have a hard time imagining their own dirty junk littering the house. The same goes for photos of your wedding, vacations or grandchildren—if home buyers think they belong in your home, it's hard for them to start thinking of it as their own home. Get yourself a professional staging expert. It is statistically proven that staged homes sell bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan faster and for more money, usually for more than enough to cover staged expenses. At the very least, do what you can to personalize your bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan home. I know you have to be there and you want it to feel like it's still your home. But remember, once you get it off the market, it really is someone else's home. You are just waiting for them to come.

Your neighbors live like extras from "Deliverance." No matter how nice your house is... no matter how clean the kitchen or how fresh the paint on the trim, if your neighbors have 3 broken cars on the lawn, beer bottles on the driveway, and four There are layers, with different colors peeling off the walls, your home will not sell bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan out quickly. If it looks like your neighbors are selling more drugs than Rite Aid, buyers will be scared. Maybe it's time to have a friendly conversation with them. For example, you can tell them about a charity that will drive their old beaters out. Maybe you can offer to hire some college kids on Craigslist to repaint your bungalow houses for sale in Vaughan house or clean the yard. Sure, it may be awkward, but it will probably go a long way toward selling your home without dropping your price.

You chose the wrong listing agent. Believe it or not, there are some not-so-good agents out there. Choosing a qualified listing agent is important and there is much more to being qualified than just having the ability to sign up at the yard. Being one's friend or mother-in-law, or being 30 years old in business is not a sufficient qualification. Agents with decades of experience are often less likely to be aware of the latest developments in technology, rules and regulations and marketing strategies, all of which are essential. Veteran agents are often a little too comfortable. An agent has out-of-town buyers for the weekend. In order to close in time to start a new job, they have two days to find a suitable home. There is only enough time in those two days to comfortably visit 15 houses. An MLS search reveals 20 homes that more or less match the needs of the buyers. Let's say 4 of those households have reduced SOC, the rest have 3%, all other factors being equal. Who do you think will be out of the list first?

That's not even the worst of it. There is an unfolding trend that has become a major pet-peeve of mine. It starts with the aforementioned reduced SOC. Then there's the price drop. As I mentioned earlier, the price drop is almost always the first thing that happens when a house isn't selling.


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