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Detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario

How to help blog close more deals? Wouldn't it be great if you could figure it out? In the world detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario of real estate and real estate marketing, most realtors and lenders alike have stuck to the "old school" way of farming and prospecting. That is, Realtors out there are putting flyers on homeowners' doors and lenders/mortgage professionals out there are putting flyers on Realtors' doors. However, the harsh reality of this is that unless you have decades of experience and a huge database from which to draw, these methods of prospecting probably aren't going to make you much money. In fact, if that's the profession you love most, you've thought (at least once in the past year or two) to quit or at least make ends meet to find another part-time job.

So, with that in mind, I would encourage you to check out this article ready to embrace something new. If you're ready to sell detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario explore something new and change your farming endeavors, read on. If not, you can probably stop here. Alright, you're still reading, so let's move on...

More than likely, your boss or broker has been in the industry for a long time. Maybe even before the Internet existed. They probably have a website and they know how to use email, but beyond that, the Internet is a place for them to make plane reservations or check movie times. They could probably write a "blog", but beyond that, forget about it! If this sounds familiar, it's highly unlikely that you've been exposed to any detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario internet marketing techniques, and that's a shame. But, the good news is that we can change all that right now!

How to detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario help blog close more deals? Here we go... Nowadays, when people want to buy a home or take a loan, they almost always start the process online. It's easy, quick, they don't have to talk to a salesperson, no pressure, etc... Hey, I don't blame them, that's where I'll start! So, let me just ask you, how's your web presence right now? If that's what you love most about your profession, you probably have a website, but it's probably nothing more than a simple site with a picture of you and a few paragraphs about you. You may have a listing or listing from your detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario office on the site. You pay a small fee and the site is largely maintained by itself. You put too little into it and guess what you're getting very little out of it.

You're still asking me "how a blog helps you close more deals" right? Here is the answer.

If you start a blog and find yourself on this blog detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario about the market, about foreclosure (a hot topic right now), about interest rates, about short sales, how to sell your home detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario for the highest price, Let's start writing short articles (posts) about. Buying a home, the list goes on and on… you will find that within a very short span of time, you have established yourself as an expert in your field. it's funny, People in the industry would label themselves as "experts" even if they didn't do anything. Knowledgeable buyers, sellers and borrowers will see this quickly. But if you embody something they can see, read, and watch (yes, you can easily put a video on your blog too) you'll go a long way toward beating your competition.


Most of the realtors have been asked to prepare a listing presentation book. That's great, but what if you never get the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a client? A blog is essentially a high-end listing presentation book that allows a client to learn about you from the comfort detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario of their own home. They can also subscribe to it so that they will get updates whenever you post something new. In today's internet heavy world, you are wasting a valuable resource if you don't have one.

So, what if you don't know how to set up a blog? Easy... Learn! There are many resources out there that will teach you how to set detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario up a blog and even do it online and off-line. You may need to spend a little money and time to learn, but if you close a single deal because of it in the next 2-3 years, it will more than pay for itself. Oh, another benefit I forgot to mention, blogs are free! Yes, no monthly fee, no set up cost (except maybe your education).

If you are a lender and you really want to strengthen your realtor and referral partner relationship, learn how to set up a blog and then teach your realtors how to do detached house for sale in Vaughan Ontario.

Final Words... The reality here is that it takes some time, effort, money and commitment to learn how to create a blog and keep it going. Most of you reading this article will probably think about it and then do nothing, instead deciding to continue with what isn't working. But, those of you who really heed my advice will find that it is a very rewarding experience and will definitely set yourself apart from the rest as there are so few people taking action in the direction that most People are afraid to travel.

Make sure you are easily accessible to your agent via cell phone or landline, email, etc. Also, check your phone regularly for messages. Time is the essence when it comes to offers. Cell phones are notorious for choosing the wrong time to take action. I've sometimes discovered voicemail messages hours after they were dropped when I hadn't heard or received a notification alert from my cell.


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