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People and Real Estate is my passion and drive!  I am a trusted and experienced Real Estate Professional that is driven to please you and your families needs the first time.  I love to pair the right home to the right individual or family.  My 15 years proven experience in customer service and sales makes me the natural choice when choosing a real estate agent that understands your needs and that will always aim to minimize risk and maximize future returns.  When choosing a real estate agent that is well in tuned with the market, understands his client needs and is driven to succeed  - Naveen Vadlamudi! 

Your one stop local real estate professional that will give the white glove treatment every step of the way!

Education: Bachelor in Computer Science. 

Specialty: Freehold Properties &  Condominiums

Experience: 14

Area Covered: York, Durham, Toronto & Surrounding GTA

Languages Spoken: English, Telugu.

This MLS®#: N3806994 This MLS®#: N3806994