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Toronto House listing

House listing in Toronto has constantly risen, while prices in many other countries have either changed little or fallen.

Prices are higher in Canada’s big cities than they are in the surrounding towns and rural areas.

Canada’s highest house prices can be found on the West Coast in Vancouver/British Columbia, where the country’s mildest weather is found.


Severe winter weather or remoteness from major markets usually leads to low house prices – for instance property prices are low in Manitoba and Edward Island.

Statistics released Canadian home sales and listings post record declines and new house listing in Toronto fell by more than half in April 2020 compared to March.


The impact of Corona virus on house listing in Toronto will be significant.

  • Supply has risen dramatically in April because there are fewer buyers, but the number of sellers has remained relatively unchanged.

  • The Metro Toronto benchmark home price has held its value, but the price of the median home purchase has dropped significantly. This is a sign that buyers are avoiding the top of the market.

  • Short-term rentals in Toronto (now vacant due to Corona virus) may be converted to long-term furnished apartment rentals or sold, and this could add unexpected supply to a weak market.

  • Metro Toronto property prices were facing several high impact risks before taking the Corona virus into account.


There were 9.2 months of inventory on a national basis at the end of April 2020, up from 4.3 months in March. That said, it is important to point out that the jump in this measure reflects the fact that sales were expected to fall right away in this situation; whereas a stock variable like active listings would be expected to fall much slower, even if it was falling at the fastest pace on record as of April. Many sellers who already had homes on the market before mid-March may have left the Toronto house listing up for now but drastically curtailed the extent to which they were actively trying to sell during the lockdown. Going forward, many of these listings will simply be allowed to expire or may be withdrawn. As such, we may see this measure of market balance head back down in the months ahead.

Traditionally, one of the major attractions of a move to Canada for many people has been the cost of housing compared with their current location.

This particular attraction has faded in recent years, because the strength of the Canadian dollar means new arrivals have less purchasing power than they had in previous years.

In 2007 prices in booming Alberta rose above prices in Ontario for the primary time and, within the same vein, prices in Calgary rose above those in Toronto.

By 2011 the situation had reversed, and once again Toronto and Ontario homes cost more than in Calgary and Alberta.


House price rises were modest in Canada in 2011 and 2012, partly thanks to new, stricter mortgage rules that were introduced. In 2013 and 2014 house prices rose steadily in Vancouver and Toronto.

House prices in British Columbia and Ontario, in 2015 and 2016 continued to rise above the national average. In Alberta house prices are comparatively stable in 2016 after falling in 2015.

In 2017 house sales have fallen in Canada and prices have stabilized in most provinces.

A 20% down payment rule came into effect in 2018 and together with a stress test on mortgage applications house prices are expected to ease slightly.

Where is Metro Toronto home prices headed?

Home Price Overview

Unfortunately for house listing in Toronto, prices have accelerated significantly in the past few months.

People planning to sell their home will take heart in the fact that home values in many areas are at an all time high. Given the global recession and pandemic, sellers may want to push ahead and sell now.

There is no guarantee that home prices will regain the current highs any time soon because a Corona virus induced recession may inflict long-term economic damage.

Corona virus is now the primary source of uncertainty for home values.

Metro Toronto Townhouse Prices

Still a challenge for first-time homebuyers, rents tend to be more hooked in to the dimensions of the apartment or house listing in Toronto, and therefore the amenities that accompany it, instead of which Toronto neighbourhood you reside in. That being said, if you want to live in King West, the downtown core, or Rosedale/Summerhill, expects to dig deeper into your pockets than anywhere else.

Finding a decent place to live is often one among the foremost daunting tasks when moving to Toronto. It’s worth investing time and effort in preparation and research on the various house listing in Toronto and which of the Toronto neighbourhoods is right for you.

Toronto home prices are not affordable.

A first-time homebuyer household earning $78,000 can only get a $320,000 mortgage. For them to buy a condo apartment valued at the benchmark price of $590,000, a homebuyer needs to save a little more than $270,000 cash for a down payment and closing costs, or receive a very generous gift from family. For most people, that is just not possible.

What factors drive the price forecast?

At the very best level, supply and demand set house prices and every one other factor simply drive supply or demand. There are many factor frameworks for gathering information and performing our market analysis. The key factors are affordability, capital flows, government policy, supply, and popular sentiment.


Affordability is a function of:

Home Price Changes: Continuous change in the market value of the desired home.

Savings-Equity: How much disposable after-tax income you’ve been able to squirrel away plus any equity you have in your existing home.

Financing: Your maximum mortgage is calculated using income (i.e., how much money you can put toward mortgage payments) and interest rates (how big are the mortgage payments).

Increased affordability raises buyer purchasing capacity and puts upward pressure on prices while dropping affordability has the opposite effect.

Capital Flows

These represent short-term investment, long-term investment, and recreational demand (i.e., homes not occupied full-time by the owner). Here is where foreign capital, land flippers, and dull money inherit play. It likewise includes short-term rentals, long-term rentals, and recreational property purchases.

Capital inflows raise demand and put upward focus on prices while capital surges have the opposite effect. If capital sits invested in real estate nothing is purchased or sold, it has no effect on the direction of prices.

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